“We love to create nice things, amazing and inspiring things, sometimes pretty; sometimes pretty great, and occasionally awesome!”

The requirements for which are determined by, and tailored to, your needs, the needs of your business and that of your market’s demands.

A highly creative and experienced design company, established in 2003, BrandBox has been creating eye-catching and effective design for a wide range of companies ever since.


Whether it’s design for identity, print, web or media, we have been successfully helping to develop visual brand communications for our clients, providing design consultancy for our partner companies for 15 years.


We have been having a lot of fun in the process too, though some might say too much fun. To this we say “boo!” After all, what is life for, if you can’t throw yourself down a mountain every once and a while?

We are after all designers – we’re supposed to be a little funny. A slightly skewed perception of life is a good thing in our line of work.

Apparently the explanation for this seemingly neurotic behavior is due to the fact that ‘us creative types’ tend to use more of the left side of our brains than everyone else!

And for the critics – “Yes! We do think we are special!

I can personally draw a perfect circle in my mind with my eyes closed, not many people can say that and less would even consider saying it!”

How else can we perceive things as we need too in order to crank out those endless creative solutions for our clients so they can inform, inspire and educate.

We are constantly questioning things, forever asking why things are they way they are? And how can we make it better?


This is our job and we do it well!
  • Seamus Moore
    Brandbox have been involved in the National Association for Deaf People’s Rebranding process. Throughout this process they have acted in a professional and transparent manner. All materials were presented in a highly proficient way that allowed for questions and comments. Any queries and suggestions were dealt with swiftly and courteously. Ideas were discussed, developed, presented and completed appropriately and in a timely fashion. With their support and mentoring, NAD has had a very positive experience of the Rebranding process. This has allowed our organisation to fully embrace the changes needed.
    Seamus Moore
    DeafHear - Western Region
  • Mark Cochrane
    BrandBox played a significant and successful role in the rebranding of my company and the design of the new website.  The website has, without doubt, been a success and has received plaudits from clients, investors and other stakeholders.  From the new company name, logo and image to the website itself, I have been very grateful for their help.  BrandBox really works to understand what your company does to see what kind of message your company, brand and website should convey.
    Mark Cochrane
    Trackplan FM
  • Claire Whelan
    BrandBox developed a logo for a new brand we were developing. I was extremely happy with the results but even more impressed by how he handled the process. I had a very clear vision of what that brand would look like and what I wanted it to represent - which can sometimes be difficult to convey to a creative designer (in other words I can be a difficult customer to please!). BrandBox was unflappable and worked on the design continuously to deliver exactly what I wanted.
    Claire Whelan
    Deputy Manager at KBC Bank Ireland
  • Roger McClure
    BrandBox has been responsible for Blue Wall branding from the outset of our business in 2002 and we have found them great at everything we needed and I recommend them highly.
    Roger McClure
    Blue Wall Technologies Ltd
  • Sandra McGrath
    BrandBox proved to be extremely thorough and effective in their management of the project, from establishment of the brand identity through to its introduction and implementation. Implementation of the brand incorporated many aspects including a creative development of a plethora of marketing and promotional tools, while ensuring correct and consistent application of the brand at all times. I can confidently recommend BrandBox as being both solid and reliable in their business, and experts in their field.
    Sandra McGrath
    Castlecomer Demesne Company
  • Norman Woods
    We worked with BrandBox on the re-branding of our company and we have been very impressed with the quality and professionalism provided & would have no hesitation in highly recommending them.
    Norman Woods
    Woods EM
  • Manus Agnew
    Always produced high quality brochures for us within tight timelines. I always found it easy to communicate our requirements to BrandBox who delivered these requirements effectively.
    Manus Agnew
    Quinn Agnew Commercial Property Consultants